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Pet Poo Worm Farm. The classy way to compost for the whole family. The Tumbleweed Pet Poo Worm Farm has been developed to turn your pet droppings into great free organic fertiliser that promotes fantastic growth in your plants. In-ground Worm Farm Package RRP $210 - $330. The Yard Art Pet Poo Converter is not just for pet poo! It is a robust system perfect for small gardens with limited garden beds. The Yard Art Pet Poo Composter will compost your pet poo fast through the power of composting worms, and produce free organic fertiliser to enrich your soil.

Yes worms do eat dog poo and cat poo and kitty litter as long as it is a paper or timber based product. Recent research by us and a Vet in the USA has shown that modern animal worm medications do not harm compost worms. Therefore recently wormed animal poo is safe to use in your worm farm as a worm. The poo remained in the hole which we filled with our portable compost waste and topped it off with dirt. The holes is now filled and the next tenants will never know it was there! Now settled into our new house, Dave will just dig a new hole lucky him! and put the bin in place same as before. Have you made your own pet poo compost?

Worms eat cat poop-composting pet waste in a worm farm. To run and set up a worm farm is really quite easy and if you would like to recycle your pets waste with the help of compost worms you should find all you need to know to get started on these pages. I will transfer few worms from my worm farm and see what happens. Muttley. February 09, 2017. How long does this poop take to break down? Jennifer. January 23, 2017. I decided to leave a message here on your DIY Pet Poo Composter – PetHaus page instead of calling you. Do you need more likes for your Facebook Fan Page?

The Reln Pet Poo Converter is a dedicated worm farm which uses composting worms to consume dog & cat droppings and convert them to worm castings and. Reln Garden Pet Poo Worm Farm: 2 out of 5 stars on Australia's largest opinion It’s similar to worm tea and as an organic fertilizer, this is a great reason to start a worm farm. Worm tea is the liquid concentrate of worm compost. There’s a few different methods how to make worm tea. Worm farm leachate worm juice is any excess liquid drained from a worm bin. 10/04/2015 · We use worm farms for our dog poo which were designed for us by someone who knew what he was doing about 10 years ago. You just cant have only dog poo in them and have to use other combustible material in a fairly high ratio - we also add enzymes - cant put poo in.

A Tumbleweed Worm Farm will turn your kitchen waste worm castings and worm tea that fertilise your garden. Pet Poo Worm Farm. Low-maintenance solution to compost pet droppings. Regular price $199.00. MORE INFO. Worm Feast Kit. In-ground worm farm for small backyards. Regular price $89.00. The Pet Poo Worm Farm can also be relocated to a different area of the garden when required, leaving behind healthy soil. Tumbleweed worm farm and composting products are available at your local Bunnings Warehouse. For more information on Tumbleweed products, call 1800 809 088 or Boroondara residents - get up to 40% off and FREE delivery of a compost bin, bokashi bin, worm farm or pet poo composter to reduce what you send to landfill by half. Composting at home is easy to do and avoids transporting food scraps and pet poo to landfill where they produce harmful greenhouse gases as they break down. Reln Worm Farm & Reln Can of Worms Farm. 1. To help your knowledge, please read instruction. When using the factory as a Dog Manure Converter, at the times you are using a worming product to worm your pet, you should note that these substances can be harmful to your worms.

11/11/2012 · Build A Pet Waste Composter Using A Rubbish Can. David Galloway. Nov 11, 2012, 3:30pm. Only things you need to be careful of is not to put the poo in the worm farm for a while after giving your pet a worming tablet. Also if the worms have a diet of poo. The Reln Garden Pet Poo Worm Farm will compost your pet poo fast through the power of composting worms, and produce free organic fertiliser to enrich your soil. A complete solution that is simple and effective to use. No Mess - No Fuss - No Odour! This product has revolutionised the way we dispose of our Pet Droppings. 27/08/2013 · I drilled holes in the base, and a few around the edges, and then buried it up to where the wheels would have been had I left them on. Put in some starter soil, plus the worms, and then have been topping up with my dog's regular contributions to the garden. Seems to be working well! My total cost was around $130: $50 for the bin $50 for the box. Michelle Minehan takes a look at the messy subject of dog poo disposal, and how to dispose of dog poop correctly and in an environmentally-friendly way. Not only will a worm farm solve all your pet poo problems,. If you do use a worm farm, be careful not to put dog poo in there shortly after worming your dogs as this will actually kill. Worm farm feeding dos and donts Anyone with compost worms knows how valuable the worm juice from their wormfarm can be as part of veggie growing. Vertigation: passive injection wo.

29/01/2017 · A dog poo worm farm is different to a traditional compost heap. You won't be using any of the worm castings from a dog poo worm farm on places where the risk of spreading pathogens is high such as edible gardens or children's play areas.

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